Target Audience M-Enabling Europe 2018


u  Education, Labor and Human and Health Services

u  Local and Federal Government structures

u  Telecom Regulators and Policy Makers

u  Inter-Governmental International Organizations


Advocacy Organizations:

u  Organizations for Persons with Disabilities

u  Organizations for Senior Citizens

u  Independent Living Services


Professionals Supporting Seniors and Persons with Disabilities:

u  Special Educators

u  Rehabilitation Professionals

u  Assistive Technology Professionals

u  Senior Care Professionals



u  Mobile Service Providers

u  Tablet and Handset Manufacturers

u  Operating System Providers

u  Internet Based Services

u  Application Developers

u  Mobile Phones middleware Vendors and Cloud-Based Solution Providers

u  Manufacturers of Mobile Device Accessories and Peripherals


Public and Private Sector Organizations Providing Services via Mobile Platforms:

u  Financial Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

u  E-government,  Information Services, and E-Commerce

u  Emergency Services

u  Education Institutions

u Tourism, Leisure and Transportation

u  Health and Support Services

u  Publishing

u  Media


u  Accessibility Consultants

u  Compliance Experts

u  Legal Counsels

u  Academia