Target Audience M-Enabling Europe 2018


 Education, Labor and Human and Health Services

 Local and Federal Government structures

 Telecom Regulators and Policy Makers

 Inter-Governmental International Organizations


Advocacy Organizations:

 Organizations for Persons with Disabilities

 Organizations for Senior Citizens

 Independent Living Services


Professionals Supporting Seniors and Persons with Disabilities:

 Special Educators

 Rehabilitation Professionals

 Assistive Technology Professionals

 Senior Care Professionals



  Mobile Service Providers

  Tablet and Handset Manufacturers

  Operating System Providers

  Internet Based Services

  Application Developers

  Mobile Phones middleware Vendors and Cloud-Based Solution Providers

  Manufacturers of Mobile Device Accessories and Peripherals


Public and Private Sector Organizations Providing Services via Mobile Platforms:

 Financial Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

 E-government,  Information Services, and E-Commerce

  Emergency Services

  Education Institutions

 Tourism, Leisure and Transportation

  Health and Support Services




 Accessibility Consultants

 Compliance Experts

 Legal Counsels




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