Program Committee


alongside rehacare 2018 - International trade fair for rehabilitation and care


Sabine Lobnig, Deputy Director Communications & Regulations, Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF) (confirmed)

Alejandro Moledo, New Technologies & Innovation Officer, European Disability Forum (confirmed)

Humberto Insolera, Executive Committee Member, European Disability Forum (confirmed)

Susanna Laurin, CEO, Funka Nu AB and joint Representative of G3ict/IAAP to the European Commission (confirmed)

Klaus-Peter Wegge, Siemens Accessibility Competence Center (confirmed)

Renate Welter, Vice President, German Association for Hearing Impaired People (confirmed)

Klaus Höckner, Vice Chairman, Austrian Society for Blind and Visually Impaired People (confirmed)

Heidrun Mollenkopf, Board Member of BAGSO - the German National Association of Senior Citizens (confirmed)

Dr. Fabian van Essen, University of Applied Healthsciences Bochum/Institute for Inclusive Education (confirmed)

Holger Dieterich, Co-Founder of Wheelmap and Boardmember Sozialhelden (confirmed)

Anne-Marie Nebe, Accessibility & Usability Expert, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Test and Integration Center

Yuval Wagner, Founder & President, Access Israel Org

Jesús Hernández Galán, Director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation Area at ONCE Foundation, Spain

Jaume Cunill, CEO Tech4Freedom, Spain 

David Banes, Director Access and Inclusion Services, UK

Axel Leblois, Director, G3ict

Dr. Nirmita Narashimhan, Senior Fellow and Programm Director, G3ict

Francesca Cesa Bianchi, Vice President for Institutional Relations, G3ict

Regine Gessner, Managing Director Germany, E.J. Krause & Associates


M-Enabling Forum organized by G3ict, Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies and E.J.Krause & Associates, Inc.

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