Erleben Sie diese innovativen, barrierefreien Technologien live im Ausstellungsbereich des M-Enabling Forum Europe!

These accessible technologies can be experienced live in the showcase of M-Enabling Forum Europe!

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AbleCenter® - Wireless Multi solution that includes and empower visual impaired.

Demonstration Video on Youtube


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Equal Web provides equal access and equal opportunities to people with disabilities

Make your web site and digital content accessible in 1 click

Demonstration Video on Youtube


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ILUNION Beepcons, small low cost devices that improve access to information on our surroundings

Picture ILUNION Beepcons

AMUSE, an app and beepcon-based system that turns museums into inclusive smart places 

Medicamento Accesible Plus (Accessible Medicine Plus): medicine information phamplet are inaccessible to people with vision disabilities. The Medicamento Accesible offers such information an alternative format, allowing users with vision disabilities to access it using assistive devices (1 photo: medacc). Youtube Video

Wayfindr, a system allowing blind people to navigate indoor places independently: Youtube Video

Cognitive Services, a research project aiming to determine the viability of the interaction of people with or without disability with robots that offer cognitive services such as voice and text interaction and text and image recognition, among others

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Project Ray makes your smartphone accessible!



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Smart Accessibility. The new trend that is turning accessibility to be the engine of welfare and economic prosperity for the whole society.

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